Monday, January 21, 2013

NiNi, Kelly Clarkson, Rihanna To Sing At President Obama's Inauguaration Today

Well its been a hell of a night for the queen, but by Obama's request, the queen along with her presidential buddies, Kelly Clarkson and RI RI will be singing at the Presidents Inauguration later on today. Nini is set to perform first singing Our National Anthem, "The Star Spangled Banner" Kelly is second singing "The Way We Are" and RI RI is last,  singing "We Found Love" all in dedication to the president and his family. The Inauguration has already begun, but the PSR women aren't scheduled to appear there for at least another couple of hours and they will be staying all throughout the rest, to watch the president be sworn in. So far the crowd in front of the white house in D.C is 40,000 strong but is expected to bring in more as the day go on. It is being broadcast live on the news all day with special coverage, so tune in, or you can try to attend the celebration which is free, if you can deal with the cold and the crowd. We will post a video of the PSR presidential women later. In other news, speaking of Obama, it has been confirmed that Kc's Song "Fake Is What I Hate" is in fact directed at the president, but its mostly Ye who is literally attacking the president as well as Kim K. KC may have a small part in that, but not as big as the other two. NiNi was asked how she feels about the song and she said "Its a cool song what are you really expecting me to say" Obama has heard the song and dismissed it as quote "Childish" So a 3 way war with the prez from 2 royal celebs and 1 wanna be royal celeb, that's unheard of, but sure seems to be that way, although we aren't really surprised about Ye. Also speaking of Kelly Clarkson and Rihanna, they have a new song out with each other called "Tag Team" produced by TIP and it features Future on the hook. Click here to check it out. P.S Nini has confirmed on her site that after the inauguration, she will still make up her show in Connecticut tonight at 10pm so I hope you guys held onto your tickets! See you guys tonight!


johnny1 said...

im sorry but who cares really

johnny1 said...

ill go there just for her after her ill leave dead ass