Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nicki Minaj And Nini's Dope New Song

Today a unofficial track leaked called "Burn A L" By Nicki which features NiNi. The song was not supposed to be heard yet as its only 85% completed but regardless the track bangs super hard and all the weed smokers out there should be in love with it. At first Nicki was trying to take it down from the web to prevent anyone else from hearing it, but after seeing how popular it already is, she decided to leave it, but being that it isn't finished yet, she did not let it be available for download. She said that she will make it available on itunes when its ready in a few more days. Check out the leaked version of "Burn A L" here. In other news, speaking of Nicki, she was one of the first PSR artists among others to be happy to see NiNi back today, Nini arrived at 9am this morning and she was greeted with a huge hug by some of her artists including Nicki Breezy and Kat. Nicki spoke in an interview and said "I love my boss, she's more like a mom to us though, she takes care of us, and we get on punishment when we need too, its Just like being back home (laughs) I wont lie it can get physically hard sometimes but that goes with the job and the harder she is on us the better we do" Of course the media labeled her as an ass kisser for that statement, but at the same time they said NiNi's ass deserves to be kissed by all who know her and work with her and we actually agree with the media for once on that one.Just last week NiNI got on Nicki for her ongoing beef with Mariah Carey, they two have been fueding on and off the tv screen as they are both judges on american idol, and NiNi  is getting tired of the bickering back and forth between the two which lead Nicki to attempt to squash it but it started back up again last week when Nicki accused Mariah of being too hard on the contestants and accused her of thinking shes better than everyone who auditions, and Nini said she is getting sick of it... Nicki, who just released her last album for Young Money late last year, is already beginning work on her first PSR album and although she has no date she said quote "I wont keep y'all waiting too long" Check out her full interview with very weird hair by clicking here. Also NiNi is back as I mentioned and she mentioned that she will still be picking up where she left off with her shows, and she will be performing tonight in Connecticut but she moved it up to 7 instead of 9 so if you guys still held onto your tickets which I hope you did see ya tonight!


johnny1 said...

lol nicki crazy

johnny1 said...

really dope song wish i was still smoking i would blaze up all day 2 dat

johnny1 said...

next time nini have a party they gonna play that song all night n everybody gon get fucked up 2 it