Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2 New Songs Drop With NiNi! + Katy Perry Announces 2nd Album

Today Alicia Keys dropped remixes to her songs "Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart" And "Put It In A Love Song" "Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart Remix features NiNi and "Put It In A Love Song Remix features Nini, Katy Perry and Kat. Alicia says these two songs are past overdue as they were recorded almost a year ago, but between having her baby and personal problems, she hasn't been releasing anything, but she says she wanted to get these 2 remixes out because she loves them and feels they deserve to be heard. Alicia has been working with Nini alot recently and it is said that she is a feature on her new album and also one of the co producers for the album. Today she was asked if  she is joining PSR and she replied "No,  Me and Nini have a great working professional relationship, but I'm actually very comfortable being at my label right now, and besides by next year, Ill be running my own label, and how can I turn down being boss (laughs) Check the two songs out here. In other news, speaking of Miss Katy Perry, today she has announced that she will be dropping her second PSR album in May of this year, which is when her PSR contract expires, and she also confirmed that she will be renewing her contract for 4 years and 4 albums in May also. She is currently finishing up her first PSR mixtape which she said will be dropping for free for digital download next Monday. NiNi has posted on her site that she is feeling better and she confirmed she will be back tomorrow, and will be making up her show tomorrow night at 9pm, so I have no news on her right now, but I'll do my best to get you other PSR news throughout the day. Peace!


johnny1 said...

why make remixes to 3 year old songs that was dumb

johnny1 said...

shut up n stop complaining i think theyre nice