Monday, January 28, 2013

Artists Speak On NiNi's Fight Foxy Still Out

Today everyone and their mama is speaking on NiNi's fight with Foxy Brown from Madonna to Gaga to Nicole Kidman to her PSR crew, and so far everyone agrees that not only did put a serious hurting on her, they are happy she did. Over the years Foxy has been known as the bully of the game and almost no one in the game likes her so everyone is happy to see one person shutting her up finally after 19 years. NiNi herself has no words on what happened, instead it seems like its not bothering her one bit as shes still preparing for her many events coming up, and she is not speaking on anything right now. Foxy however is still knocked out in the hospital where doctors say her head trauma is severe and she may be in there for a while, she has no blood on her brain but her brain is swollen and she may be unconscious for up to 2 more weeks maybe longer. Her fam has been there with her all day and some fans paid their respects too. That's all the info on that, but more details are emerging every minute so when we find out more so will you guys!


johnny1 said...

lmao that is too funny

johnny1 said...

damn she really fucked her up didnt she

johnny1 said...

thats nini she go hard wit everything she do