Sunday, January 27, 2013

Brenda Song, Khloe K, Melanie Fiona

I know that's a weird headline but these names are just a few of the folks who are trying so hard to get on NiNi's good side. Lets start with Brenda Song, a little while ago, she said she wanted to have sex with NiNi and she said that in front of the whole world and made NiNi go thru hell with the media asking her if they actually did have sex and that lasted for 2 months in the middle of last year. NiNi was pissed off at Brenda and probably still is and she caught up with her in LA late last year and confronted her about it and she made her cry in front of Brenda's family who called her "Evil and a witch" but Now Brenda knows she screwed up and has been trying since then to get back on her good side which includes sending apology letters to PSR and speaking highly of her on interviews and calling her her favorite singer. NiNi obviously isn't trying to hear it since she hasn't responded to anything yet, but Brenda is still determined to become NiNi's girl buddy. 2nd we have Khloe K who in the middle of last year went on live TV and admitted to wanting to have sex with NiNi's husband Beith and she faced months of beef with NiNI and her sisters were involved in it too for a while before it started calming down. Although Khloe said before that if NiNi hates her she cant do anything but accept it, she obviously didn't mean that because she has been also trying to be NiNi's girl buddy for the past 3 months sending her Christmas and bday gifts to the label and also like Brenda speaking highly of her and saying her ultimate bff would be someone like NiNi. But just like with Brenda NiNi isn't impressed and she hasn't been responding to Khloes many advances into friendship either.... It is said that NiNi is now good with her uncles new squeeze Kim K which pissed of Khloe so much that they fought, but that is unconfirmed at the moment as Kim K refuses to comment on her relationship with NiNi. 3rd is Melanie Fiona who as you all know, was beefing with almost every PSR artist at one point even the boss, and she put them all through so much because of what people thought was jealousy Even though they squashed the beef on stage in December, NiNi still isn't feeling her too well and Melanie knows it so shes trying to get on her good side by inviting her to her bday parties or a girls lunch date things like that. Others who also are trying to get on the queens good side now after beefing with her or bothering her in some way are, Banks, Rasheeda, Toya, Tiny JT,Willow,  Gaga (Yup I SURE DID SAY GAGA) and Lil Kim, but NiNi has not responded to anyone as of yet and she probably will not, but we will wait and see. That's all for now guys, check me out later, peace~!

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