Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rumors Are True + Nick Bails Out + NiNi Responds To Foxy

We have news coming across our desk right now that the rumors about Ri Ri and Breezy are true. Ri Ri is confirmed to be having twins, not sure on their genders yet, and she is in fact 3 1/2 months along so far. Breezy's current Girlfriend is beyond pissed and she posted on Twitter "Lots of people are saying she seduced him, she forced him blah blah blah but you know what he's a grown man, he knows how to make his own choices and that was his choice, he knew what he had home and decided to throw it away on that bitch, so if thats what he wants and thats the kind of women hes looking for she can have him she got her wish, cuz Im done me and my baby" Ri Ri responded saying "My feelings r hurt" Not sure if she was actually being serious on that or if she was being sarcastic but its  clear that she totally ruined his relationship as she has broken up with him and took their baby which no one even knew about. Breezy has not had one thing to say on anything, Not sure if the rumors about them two getting back together are true or not, but im sure that will come out soon enough. More drama comes from hip hop group Karmin, Nick has bailed on Amy for getting cheated on and he made an emotional statement saying "I love her but I cant do this anymore, I suspected but I never wanted to believe it, I still do love her I always will, but I wont share her so I wont be with her" When word got to Amy that he made this statement she cried and NiNi comforted her. It is said that being that both are signed together as a group thats how they will stay but Nick insits the relationship will be quote strictly professional, nothing more. No word from Amy Yet. Also NiNi has responded to Foxy's statement saying "Its funny how she talks about who deserves this and who doesnt when shes been in the game longer than any of us and she never reached even close to royal and she says we need to step our game up its the other way around sweetheart" Foxy hasnt responded yet, but sources say she is quote "Pissed". GANGSTA GIRL Rapper Eve has stuck up for NiNI saying "I dont blame her for what she did it was deserving in my opinion, when me and her was in it way back when I wanted to do the same thing" NiNi's other royal girl buddie Gwen Stefani stepped in too saying "She didnt do anything wrong she took care of a problem, thats how she works and people have to understand that" So everyone's on NiNi's side, but whos on Foxy's side, well according to sources NO ONE. Thats all for tonight guys check me in the morning

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