Saturday, January 26, 2013

Whats Going On With Nini And Breezy's Mom

We all know despite his anger problem and his hard attitude, Breezy is still the biggest mama's boy on the planet, but how is that affecting NiNi. Well according to our sources, she has been complaining about little things and NiNi is getting sick of her. For example, she feels Breezy is the most popular artist on that label next to NiNi so she feels he should be assistant boss, not Tina, she also feels that he is not getting paid enough and artists who hasn't been in the game for too long or that's not close to his level are getting more than him like Kat or the OMG Girlz for example and she feels that the royal people get more special treatment than the regular artists. This is unconfirmed but its said NiNi and her met up and NiNI tried being nice but after a while she got annoyed and said "Lady get off your sons dick, he a grown ass man, he don't need you fighting his battles, he get what he deserves that's how it works the people you named are doing better than him its that simple, you got a problem, kick rocks" and walked away and left his mom looking shocked. Word is that Breezy interfered in it and was on NiNI's side but once again all this is unconfirmed, but we do know its something just don't know if its really as bad as the media is putting it or just a simple disagreement, but of course we will keep digging and let you guys know. In other news, 2 chains has released his first PSR mixtape titled "Money make the world go round" which features NiNI, Demi LAVATO, Big Sean and Jay-Z. It was posted this morning for free on the PSR site and you can go download it here. PSR artist CARLY RAE JEPSEN is also setting up to release her first PSR album and mixtape soon she announced that her first mixtape is coming in February and her first album in June, so look out for that!


johnny1 said...

dont get yo ass beat mrs breezys mom lol

johnny1 said...

she sound stupid i hope nini did say that to her cuz she need to stay outta shit it aint her place nini know what she doing

johnny1 said...