Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tay & RiRi Beef Is Over Exaggerated

Lots of people have been excited about a possible new beef popping off @ PSR between bad girl RiRi and good girl Tay. While there might be a slight tension between the two, RiRi and Tay's handlers that they are super far from anywhere near a "beef" and it's not due to Tay's enemy KP. They insist that the tension is just tension they say they're cool they support each other and all but sometimes friends have issues and that's all this is about. So for those of you expecting some big huge cat fight keep walking because it seems like it's not that far nor will it get that far because it's nothing new (like CiCi and RiRi or RiRi and KP). So no real beef sorry drama lovers. P.S NiNis new movie "Stackz" will be done soon and an official trailer will be released sometime this week. Click here to read more about her new movie.

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