Tuesday, September 29, 2015

NiNi Responds To Being Banned + Surprise Next Up

NiNi has responded in her own way to being banned from entering Europe and she doesn't seem the least bit upset about it. She posted a pic on insta of Europe with the caption "Your loss, #No Legends #Blamethem" It received over a million likes instantly and provoked more bashing from fans who were super excited to see them especially since it's rare for her to perform I'm any part of Europe so the government is hearing angry fans and they acknowledge it and although they are apologizing to fans who spent money to buy tickets, they still aren't taking off the ban and they encourage fans to report to the government office to receive a refund for their unused tickets. But fans don't want a refund they want the legends and some fans are going crazy (yeah we all know how those "N's" get) and over 23 people have been arrested for violent protesting to get NiNi's ban removed. The other two legends don't seem to mind either and they are all already planning their next spot which is central America like Brazil and the Philippines which would've been after the Europe stops so looks like you guys get the legends 3 months early so you better get those tickets now. Click here to see NiNi's response to being banned. In other news, we got an exciting today as next up in the #SeptemberReleases is the queen herself which caught everyone off guard. This is her 17th studio album titled "Cant Stop Me" It's a very dark album, her most intense album in fact but it's doing extremely well mainstream, underground and radio wise and she is highest on first day sales and she is now in first place and with her sales, she probably will stay there for the rest of this month and next month. No one expected an album from her but it's a great pleasure and it's getting extremely huge reviews especially the song with her husband in it which is number one on the charts. Click here for my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Can't Stop Me" by queen N. P.S you guys have been wondering if there will be an #OctoberReleases and indeed it Wil be as at least 30 something artists have albums that they will be releasing in October so keep checking in October for all the releases just like this month. The new hashtag is of course #Octobereleases. .

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