Tuesday, September 15, 2015

NiNi Throws Number 2 A Pool Party + Next Up

Happy B-Day KP! Today is Katys 30th birthday and the queen has thrown her a huge fabulous pool party in her hometown of Santa Barbara. Pretty much every PSR artist is there (except for Niq and China and we all know why) and it's a huge headline for paps and news outlets. NiNi is in the middle of filming her new movie so she wasn't there long but it's said that in addition to the party, NiNi Also surprised her with a very cute outfit (their words not mine) Interest is definitely high but sources say it's guarded like the white house and no one is permitted inside. But sources say it's loud wild and very fun with ciroc on deck and plenty of rich people food. Happy 30th to miss KP enjoy your day. Speaking of NiNis new movie, we have more info on it. Click here to find out. Also next up in the #SeptemberReleases is Kelly Rowland who is very much in the NHO category. It's her 2nd PSR album titled "First Position" It's doing OK but she has definitely done better. She is in 4th place but first day sales is alright by PSR standards. Click here for my full review,  stats, info and purchase links by Kelly.

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