Sunday, September 20, 2015

NiNi Confirms Movie Is Over Half Done Trailer Coming Soon. + New Beef

NiNi's upcoming movie "Stackz" is all the rage around the entertainment industry and it's almost here. Although we don't have a release date for it yet, NiNi confirmed over Twitter today that it's veryour close to being done. And she also announced an official trailer is soon to be released.  This naturally bought excitement to all the "N's" and to the industry itself. Click here to view NiNi's tweet about her new movie. In other news, seems like the Niq and China beef isnt the Only beef going on at PSR. It's said that RiRi is now beefing with Tay since Tay was offended by recent comments Ri Ri made about her. She was asked will we ever see her and Tay on stage together, and her answer could've just been "probably not" but she had to go seriously deep and totally insulted her on why they wouldn't look right on stage together and the Tays swarmed on her like the beyhive does and it doesn't look good for Ri. Thing is instead of apologizing, she blamed Tay for setting her goons on her because she can't speak for herself  which Tay also was offended by as her handlers say she doesn't tell any of her fans to do anything, nor does she have any control over what they do and not only that, but she's the last to find out so she didn't even know what was said about anything until last minute. Tay posted what may be a sub at RiRi earlier saying "You guys know I never ever said nor will I ever say I'm better then ANYONE,  but keep it real, I'm out here everyday killing it everyday doing it everyday no breaks no sleep where have you been?  Maybe "never heard of" That last part is what convinces everyone it's for RiRi since the NHO category is a PSR thing and she put quotation marks around it as if she's being sarcastic yet real.  Thing is she's true. RiRi might be the most successful artist on PSR besides NiNi and KP, she hadn't been heard or seen lately so her tweet technically isn't wrong (no offense) RiRi didn't respond to her tweet. So new beef? Probably....Sure seems like it. Many say RiRi is taking revenge for her bestie KP who is still in a hot war with Tay. Don't fuck with besties huh? Stay tuned guys. ....

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