Sunday, September 27, 2015

NiNi Denied Entry Into Europe

Well this is one moment where the phrase "Your past catches up to you" rings true because the Queens past is definitely catching up to her. Her visa (meaning her passport to travel out of the U.S into other countries) has been denied in the country of Europe due to her past violence issues and murder of a reporter in Europe 2 years back. The "Legends" crew is scheduled to start the 3rd leg of their tour in Europe from tomorrow until December 2nd but looks like that won't be happening. The European government issued this statement "we have no issues with her profession. Our issue lies on the fact that her is twice maybe longer then a serial killers record. Assualt violent outbursts, fights, threats domestic abuse murder the list goes on and on. We believe in promoting musical guests and welcoming them to our country for entertainment purposes but if Mrs Nichols was not who she is, she would be considered a dangerous terrorist and Terrorists are not accepted here. Her entire demeanor is totally dangerous and therefore she will not be allowed across the border into the country due to her history of violence. The other 2 women are welcome anytime" The trio is scheduled to be in Europe tonight to rehearse and be ready for the first show tomorrow but neither one is there and fans are bashing European government officials for their decision to ban NiNi and make them not get to see her. Some celebs are also bashing them as well. Sources say although the other 2 legends can enter and continue the tour, they're not going to without NiNi. Started as a trio finish as a trio and many agree with that loyalty. We have no idea how NiNi feels about all of this because she hasn't said one word on the subject, but it looks like the Europe part of the tour which is almost 3 months worth of lost money and profits isn't happening. Sorry guys. Stay tuned for more info on this.

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