Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Demi And Nicki Facing Backlash For Recent Zendaya Comments

Zendaya recently had a doll made that looks like her and it was a great moment because it's rare to see a doll for a black woman. But Nick and Demi started controversy with their responses to it. Demi first posted"@Barbie how about making a doll with curves I'll model for it" Then Nick said "@Zendaya congratulations did you know they made me one a cpl years ago? I love the hair they should make matching barbie cars and houses stay up girl" Many people bashed Demi first saying she tried to steal Dayas moment because she's black. One fan tweeted "wth is that supposed to mean you just couldn't let the girl have her moment you're pathetic @Ddlovato"  Nickis bashes were even worse. One fan posted "bitch that was the saddest display of a congratulations I ever heard. You just had to make it about you didn't you. Wgaf about your doll let the girl have her moment not everything is about you damn.  You Had Your moment already let her have hers.  Clearly the fans and even their own fans are bashing out against them but Nick or Demi has not responded to anything yet neither has Zendaya. Many feel that Nick and Demi were sub dissing daya do you guys feel the same?

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