Wednesday, September 16, 2015

NiNi Confirms Zoey Is In America And She's Ready 4 Her + Next Up

NiNi's bloodiest enemy Zoey, the upcoming singer from London who had her neck broken a couple months ago by the queen is in America and NiNi is aware and she's ready for her. She made a statement earlier saying "I know the bitch is here, she's up here for me and she's looking for me and I'm not worried at all because I'm already knowing who's getting fucked up. I'm not hiding I'm doing the rest of the legends tour so she'll find me easily, fuck a bodyguard or security don't want it don't need it. I'm waiting eventually she'll find me and she'll regret ever looking for me". It is unknown if NiNi is right in the fact that Zoey is only up here to find her or if she's truly up here for musically related, but all the Ns feel Zoey is looking for NiNi and they all have her back believe that. Zoey has obviously heard NiNis statement and sources say she laughed at it. Stay tuned, this should be interesting.  In other news, next up in the #SeptemberReleases is Ari who has been voted the most hated celebrity in America for recent comments she made.  Ari is determined to stay out of the NHO category as she just was apart of the #JuneReleases so she's doing very well regardless. This is her 4th PSR album titled "I'm Sorry" which is appropriate considering her recent behavior.  Its Doing Pretty Cool And She Is in 3rd place. Click here for my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "I'm Sorry" by Ari

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