Sunday, September 13, 2015

Next Up

Next up in the #SeptemberReleases is a very highly anticipated person and a very anticipated album from Miss KC (not Keyshia Cole) Kelly Clarkson. Miss Clarkson is the first artist to ever be signed to PSR over 7 years ago and she is one of the few artists to never even get close to the NHO category and not be in any drama whatsoever (congrats to her) But obviously she recognizes she's one of the "Good Artists" too because her 12th PSR is titled "The Good Girl 7" (the 7 obviously represents how long she has been there, and the good girl title obviously refers to her never getting in trouble or drama at the label. Smart title. It is doing very well for first day sales and she is now in first place within 22 minutes iof it's release. Click here for my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "The Good Girl 7" by Kelly Clarkson. Next is Kelly Rowland. Seriously close to the NHO category miss Rowland. .............just saying.

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