Wednesday, September 23, 2015

NiNi Doesn't Like Jackie-O

It's no secret that Jackie-O beefs with anyone she feels threatened by (reminds you of 50 Cent. .........just saying) which is why it's been tension between those two for the longest, but it's been quiet, but today the queen made it well known today when she did an interview and after being asked what she thought about Jackies newest song she cut him off and said "come on man don't ask me about that woman or her music, I don't like her I don't like her music got your answer? " Even the interviewer was surprised. It is unknown how these two started beefing but Jackie did hear about it and she posted a tweet which everyone feels is a response posting "I don't GAF who u are u don't sign my checks so you gets no love or respect from me, Def no ads kissing" Is that for NiNi? Probably but beefs are starting to pop off again at PSR like they used too but besides Niq and China,  none of them are really huge. least not yet. Stay tuned guys this may be a new "bloody" forming especially if it involves NiNi who is the queen of bloody offense. Click here to view NiNi's interview and Jackie's "response"

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