Friday, September 18, 2015

Next Up + Very Exciting New Music

Next up in the #SeptemberReleases is Monica Spears. Miss spears has managed to stay out of the NHO category by doing singles, apparances and endorsement so naturally with all that publicity this album was highly anticipated. It's her 4th PSR album titled "Into The Wind" which is her most deepest album and it's getting positive reviews coming in at 2nd place. It's produced entirely by herself and first day sales are impressive. Click here for my full review, info, stats and purchase links for "Into The Wind" by Monica Spears. In other news, what the whole world has been waiting for is finally here. NiNi hasn't done a new song since her awesome anticipated collab with B back in April, but she just released a new song titled "Stackz" which features Tay. We can only assume that this must be apart of the soundtrack to her new upcoming movie of the same name. It is all the buzz, highly talked about and stole the number one spot in less then an hour. Also word on the street is a video will be made and NiNi will be on Tays upcoming album which has the "Tay's" excited. It's produced by NiNi and has a nice beat and the flow is excellent. It's considered pop although NiNi raps on her verses. Click here to check out "Stackz" by NiNi Ft Tay.

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