Thursday, September 17, 2015

Nicki Throws Shade At NiNi??

Yesterday, during the Legends show in Tucson AZ, Meek Mill pulled a "T-Pain" which is named because T-Pain famously interrupted Jay Z during one of his shows by joining him on stage uninvited. Although fans cheered from his presence, the legends N, T and C were less then thrilled and NiNi straight up embarrassed the shit outta him and it showed on his face. She stopped the music and said "What the hell are you doing up here? He said "Holding it down for the legends girl what you think? The crowd cheered but the legends still look unimpressed. Then she said "hmm what do I think? I think you need to go hold it down for your spot, cuz it might not be there in the morning (she was referring to being a PSR artist) The whole crowd went silent and he looked super embarrassed and walked backstage without replying to her. The 3 then continued their show with a huge success but also with a huge headline "NiNi Punks Meek Like Drake Did" which is all that is being talked about around the world right now. It's lots of mixed emotions on this: some say it was staged due to just the way it happened all of a sudden like that, others are lashing out at her (mostly Meeks fans) who say it was wrong to do that in front of thousands of people. Here's my take on it: Interrupting someone's else's performance is not cool for a couple reasons. First, it's rude, but most important,  you're not scheduled as a guest that means that your basically jumping on the money wagon, if meek interrupted their performance he is entitled to some money just for being on stage and guess who has to pay him? Yup the legend girls even though they never even invited him. Unfair? Well welcome to the music business my friends. So yes I understand why all 3 of them were upset and why NiNi went off on him. Could she have punished him in private?  Of course but we all know how NiNi is so deal with it and sthu k. Anyways here's the thing: NiNi actually apologized to Meek and Meek apologized to her and accepted her apology and they even took a pic together earlier today after they both showed up for work.  BUT. may be one person who isn't over it and that's his Bae Nicki. It's not a huge topic yet because it's unknown who she's referring to or if she's referring to anyone at all, she might just be talking in general, but based on what happened last night, it's seems too much to be a coincidence. She was doing an interview today and was asked how is she calling herself the "baddest bitch" when that title gets earned by females who fight alot and always in a beef blah blah. She replied "that's really not what a bad bitch is about  that's someone who wants attention and thinks that you can only be bad because you're tough. I don't have to fight bitches all the time (first possible clue) or kill people (2nd possible clue) or make niggas feel dumb and embarrass you to make myself look bigger to be a bad bitch (main clue) I show it through music,400 millions albums can't be wrong that's why I'm bad" Many think that last part was definitely aimed at the queen who's her boss. NiNi hasn't responded to it yet. Was nick taking a shot at the queen for embarrassing her boy toy?  Many think so do you? It's Saud that it's so much tension between those two that a beef is sure to happen soon. Stay tuned guys.  Click here for Nicks interview and judge for yourself. But the Ns are already deadly attacking her so looks like they got their minds made up already. Nick also hasn't responded to any of this yet.

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