Monday, June 23, 2014

NiNi Has A Lesbian Scene In Her New Movie ith Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle's new movie "A Night In Vegas" was originally scheduled to release in October but it has been pushed up to August 17th, and sources say that NiNi is already filming her scenes. But more better then that, she is said to have a girl on girl scene in the movie....with none other then Gabrielle Union, but perverts don't take it out your pants yet and get the lotion out 9Sorry was that offensive) Because the scene is said to be short (Like 2 minutes) and it will only probably be a kiss scene which so many actresses do. See, NiNi is playing the role of a Diva, the type who is very sexually active and uses her body to get what she wants yeah those kind of women. And she wants Gabrielle's man, so she seduces her so she can trust her and get her to allow her to be around her man an eventually drug her so she can have him. Originally NiNi was only scheduled for a Cameo role just a couple scenes, but Gabrielle liked her performance so much she added on more scenes for her. Gabrielle spoke on the upcoming movie today and said "It was wonderful working with her, I wont give anything away but its totally different that how you are used to seeing her, she did amazing the chemistry was there and she really is a very talented person, we had a real good time" I wont give anymore out either, but be sure to watch NiNi in "A Night In Vegas" out in theatres August 17th 2014. Click here to check out Gabrielle's interview and click here to check out the trailer for "A Night In Vegas"