Tuesday, June 24, 2014

B Speaks Up....Well Sort Of

Yesterday tons of drama popped off for a few reasons, you had KC and Jimmy drama, then the total chaos drama with Donald Trump. But it was one that started it all and had people talking about it all night. No one spoke up on anything at all concerning it, but now that it seems like the talk wont calm down someone had to speak, and that someone is B's rep (The person that represents her) Michael Havers. This is what he said "On behalf of Miss Knowles, I am here to say that the misunderstanding was just that:, a misunderstanding. The photo in question is actually a quote from the late Ruby Dee who unfortunately passed a short while ago. The quote is from a 1972 comedy movie she starred in. Miss Knowles was paying tribute to her as that is one of her favorite actors and favorite quotes. The fact that the quote spells out any particular name is merely a coincidence. The photo has been removed due to the wrong message that it is sending out. We would like to apologize to anyone this may have offended,  that was not the intention in anyway. It is her hope that the fans can move past this and consider it just an unfortunate accident, because that's all it was. Thank you" NiNi however hasn't spoke up at all, neither has Beith, but I guess they really had no reason to right. It seems that NiNi doesn't speak up on something that she already knows isn't true, so maybe she knew it wasn't true all along which will explain why she didn't speak up even up to now. But case closed guys and yes its time to put it past us, even celebs make mistakes sometimes so its time for everyone to let it go. Click here to listen to Mr. Haver's statement.......

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