Sunday, June 22, 2014

Keke announces Pregnancy + NiNi Pisses Off Fans

Seems as if everyone at PSR is getting pregnant these days first it was Miranda then Tamar then Jhene then Cymphonique then Ann Margaret now its Keke Palmer. She announced her pregnancy to her fans about an hour ago over Twitter. She posted"I'm more happier then I've ever been in my whole life I'm FINALLY going to be a mother!!! I cant wait for my baby!!! We all know that Keke is currently dating Ex PSR artist Evan Ross, they began dating after both appearing in the new TLC movie, and its weird because they dated in the movie and had a baby and now its happening in real life. Anyways, Keke also confirms that it is by Evan Ross and she says the two are engaged. We are happy for them. Click here to check out Keke's full post.....In other news, NiNi has pissed off her fans yet again today by calling them "assholes" and "weird" Check out her post "Y'all fans man, I swear to God, y'all fucking people are stupider then I can ever imagine, you guys are the dumbest people I've ever met, bunch of weird assholes, I sometimes hate you guys ugh!" No one knows why NiNi had a rant like this outta nowhere because nobody said anything  to her at all, but NiNi is pissed for some reason and her little statement pissed off many of her fans and some responded saying "Oh NiNi its like that you get at the people who support you and buy all your shit, we MAKE you queen babygirl and don't you ever forget that! Or someone else who said "Wow she loves her fans huh? smh doubt it" So why did NiNi go off on her fans, for apparently no reason at all? We have no idea but we will find out and let you guys know!

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johnny1 said...

Lol yall too sensitive we all kno nini is nuts N dont gaf so just stfu