Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Katy Perry Mixtape And New Song + Is There Drama With NiNi And Jasmine Over Beith?

NiNi's bestie Miss Katy Perry has announced her 2nd PSR mixtape called "Chill" and she announced  that it will be releasing on the 4th of July. Not only that but she released a new song today called "3rd Base' which is all about sex, Katy sings (Wonderfully) on the song but she gets nasty as hell, especially on the 3rd verse. The song hit the number 2 spot within 25 minutes after its release and its getting very positive reviews. Click here to check out Katy's post about her new mixtape "Chill" due July 4th. And click here to check out her new freaky song "3rd Base" In other news, sources say that Jasmine has a thing for NiNi's husband Beith, yes we're at that level again, but this time it wasn't a quote that spelled his name out, its an actual post: check it out: "I woke up feeling strange, why do I like a married man??, I need to go to counseling because this ain't right, its one thing to like a married man with kids, but its another thing to like the married man of the chick who did so so much for you and gave you a chance when n0 one else did,   I never wanna disrespect her I love her like a sister I just don't want her to be mad at me, she's so important to me this aint me,  sometimes we cant control how we feel, sometimes it just happens, but I'm one bitch who will make it stop, GOD PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!!!!!! :( No one knows EXACTLY who she is talking about, but based on what she said it sounds like Beith really think about it guys......... NiNI posted something seemingly aimed at Jasmine in a subliminal way, she posted " :( I'm very sad you never did anything to me ma, I always said that you're like the only drama free person I have, damn girl WHY???" Think about it though, that doesn't seem strange? Shortly afterwards, Jasmine posted ":( Oh God I feel bad right now!" What does that sound like to you guys,  because to me it seems like something is going on, otherwise why the hell would "Bad Girl Jasmine" post something like that? That's what we're gonna find out. Click here to check out her post NiNI's post and her response. P.S Ann Margaret released a new song today ft Cypmphonique and Kid Ink titled "On My Own" Really dope, its PG-13 some cussing, but not much, after all Ann is ONLY 14. Click here to check out "On My Own" By Ann Margaret Ft Cymphonique and Kid Ink. Also, speaking of Ann Margaret and Cymphonique, they both are getting bigger, they're both preggo as you know, and its REALLY showing on both. Click here to see what I mean!

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