Tuesday, June 24, 2014

NiNi Falls Down Stairs At Show But Doesnt Miss A Beat

Today NiNi had an early show in Virgina. She is in the 2nd arm of her "One Woman Show" Tour and she was joined by Wiz Khalifa, Tamar Braxton, Tinashe and Snooki (Yes I said Snooki) Towards the middle of the show, she was performing her song from "24" called "You Better Get It" and during the performance her and her sexy dancers were dancing it up, but as she walked down the stairs that was built onto the stage she slipped on her extremely long dress and she went rolling and rolling on her head. But being the super professional she is, she got up and kept going and didn't miss a beat and acted like nothing happen, yeah that's really professional, because guys, ill be like "Ow my head!" But not NiNi she kept it going, but it was recorded by a fans cellphone camera and it was posted on YouTube, but the thing is after her show she said "Y'all better not put it on YouTube" but come on NiNi, you know technology is always gonna win right, because that's exactly what happened,.... with the title of "NiNi Falls" It received over 200 million views and over 2 million comments, but hey mistakes happen right she IS STILL HUMAN PEOPLE! Anyways, NiNi wasn't mad about it in fact she made a joke about she said "I already knew people was gonna put it on YouTube, I knew it all along, but its OK, its still over 200 million views so me falling is the most popular thing right now, I should bust my ass more often huh? (Laughs) Yeah its great to see someone who fell on their head in front of millions of people joke about it and not be embarrassed about it at all, it just shows that NiNi has a sense of humor, which most celebs on her level do not have. Click here to check out the video of NiNi falling on her head.

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