Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Christina Vidal Posts A Get Well Message To NiNi + NiNi Leaves Work And Goes Home

Christina Vidal is just one of many people who are hoping NiNi feels better. We still don't know whats wrong with her, but sources say she isn't herself today such as dancers making mistakes on purpose just to get a reaction out of her and she saying "Its cool just do what you feel is good" That's not NiNi, no one is used to her that way and no one likes it, believe it or not people actually MISS the NiNi that yells at them because they know she is focused and HERSELF. Even PSR sources state that she came into work said nothing to anyone, even after they said good morning to her, she went in her office and left like 20 minutes after she arrived. Christina Vidal heard about it and posted this to Twitter "@NiNi, sometimes we all have so much pressure on our plate that we get so full, but the key thing is just being yourself deal with it as it comes and stay strong, keep your head where its supposed to be and that's high, you cant keep from getting bothered by events or people, but a good prevention tip is to avoid the stressful things and people that get you in that character. I know what you're going through, I was in that position for basically my whole 25th birthday, you'll get better, just put your life in the right hands and you cant go wrong. I will be praying for you feel better- Christina" That post received over 7,000 likes and retweets, still Nini remains quiet. She hasn't responded to anyone, and she hasn't shown her face in the game since this morning and sources she say she blew rehearsals and went home, others say she went to the hospital but its no confirmation on that as of yet. One thing for sure is that PSR is super quiet today, so its not too much news, we all know NiNi is the heart and soul of that place, without her the blood just wouldn't flow, its been said before and we see it is true. We will get whatever info we can get on the queen and let you guys know. And if we get anymore info on PSR or anything else, you'll be the first to hear......Click here to check out Christina's post.....

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