Tuesday, June 24, 2014

NiNi Goes INSANE + She's A Skater?

After NiNi fell on her head, a little while after she went completely CRAZY. She was in Virgina promoting her new fragrance "Platinum Princess" and all of sudden she started going crazy throwing things around she broke the table she threw things at people, she destroyed all her bottles of the fragrance and she kept screaming, guys she scared many people and many fans who were there ran from her,  no lie. Security came over and grabbed her but not in a bad way, they didn't want to call the cops on her so they tried to calm her down, so one female security guard grabbed her put her in her arms like a hug and rocked her like a baby telling her to calm down. NiNi began crying and she finally calmed down crying in her arms and grabbing onto her. The lady kept saying "Its OK sweetie its gonna be OK" The big question that everyone is asking is "What The Fuck Is Wrong With NiNi?" NiNi goes through a lot people, it has been suggested that the pressure of fame is getting to her and we believe that can be true, Ye always has fame pressure and so does Avril Lavigne, and they always burst out like that outta nowhere, NiNi is more bigger  then both of them, so why wouldn't this apply to her? Think about it. The video of NiNi smiling and signing autographs and then flipping out was recorded and released to YOUTUBE which received over 10 million views so far. Click here to check out the video. She goes SUPER CRAZY guys! She declined to speak with me so we have no way of communication, but other media outlets are also trying with no luck, hopefully we'll get to speak to her, but for now we hope the queen is OK. In other news, a video of NiNI was posted to YouTube about 2 hours after her crazy moment and it shows her skating on a homemade ramp. Seems like since Weezy, everyone wants to be a skater. She is seen on her skateboard and she is riding on the ramp and she is hitting some good tricks on that board, its obvious that she's been practicing  a lot because her moves are similar to Rob Dyrdek who is a super professional skateboarder. NiNi is dope with  that board. Click here to check out NiNi as a skater, its really cool, check out her skater tricks!

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