Friday, March 21, 2014

The Queen Is Out!! And Millions Of People Are Taking Notice!

After a month and a half of being in the hospital, NiNi has now been released. This was kept quiet by the hospital in order to avoid a huge media frenzy coming up to her as she left. They allowed her enough time to leave and get away before anyone noticed and over an hour after she was released the doctor made this statement "Miss NiNi has officially been released today at 234pm. She is much better she has a limp still and she still requires in home bed rest as I mentioned before, but she no longer requires any more time in the hospital. She has received medication and advice on how to take care of herself and completely heal for the next couple of days. Her very high profile job is physically demanding on her body, therefore I do not recommend her to perform for at least another couple of weeks as her bones still need a little extra time to heal, she may return to work but I have advised her no heavy strain work on her body and do her best to stay off her feet if at all possible, but she is doing very well and she left the hospital in a positive attitude. The person who came to us over a month ago is not who she is right now she is in high spirits and we here at the hospital are very proud and excited of her progress' Almost instantly, everyone reacted to the statement and Twitter and FB blew up with Tweets and posts about her such as Ye posting "Hell yea the queen is home' Cymphonique posted "Welcome back NiNi!" And Lil Wayne's daughter Reggie posted "So good to have her back real talk" Other people,  fans, PSR artists other artists, dancers, models, comedians, actors, actresses,producers, designers and even the president also expressed happiness at the queen being released. We thought that the queen will be quiet and not show herself for the next few days at least,  but when you're addicted to instagram like she is we should've known better. Exactly 1 hour and 56 minutes after she was released she posted 5 pictures of herself. One picture shows her standing up waving at the camera with the caption of "Just got home!!  home sweet home!" You can still see the hospital band around her wrist. The next picture shows her shower with the water running with the caption of "They washed me up and all but cant nobody do it like me I'm about to be in this shower for at least 2 hours don't bother me lol" The next picture shows her just getting out the shower with a bath robe on hair dripping wet with the caption of "Told you I wasn't lying 2 hours it was lol" The next picture has a picture of her album "24"with the caption of "So how is it doing, is it blowing up do you guys like the videos so far, did I do good? And the last picture shows her looking snugly and comfortable in her bed blinds closed under the cover looking sleepy with the caption of "I been sleep for a month but I'm so tired weird, off to sleep I go, see ya soon Instagram!" Her new pictures immediately have been re tweeted at least 600,000 times and commented on even more then that mostly things like "We missed you NiNi, and you look so beautiful and so does your house" So far it is unknown when NiNi will be returning to work, but we do know she cant perform just yet so seems as if Yonce will have to continue holding it down, but we can only imagine how her welcome back show will be and for that we are definitely going whenever it is. But that's the greatest news of the day. Click here to check out her new pictures! Check me out later for more info on the queen!


johnny1 said...

that's so amazing awesome welcome back nini

johnny1 said...

we really did miss u girl

johnny1 said...

I cant wait till u get back