Monday, March 24, 2014

NiNi And Kat Confirmed +Cymphonique Announces World Tour And New Album + K. Michelle Drama

Yesterday, the queen returned back to work, and sources said it was because she was setting up a collab between herself and Kat which always blew up and today we have found out its true, when Media Take Out caught up to Kat in Germany today they asked her and she said "Yeah she came up to me like we doing a collab, I'm like hell yeah I ain't about to question you girl (Laughs), but I cant tell y'all when its coming just know its soon" Alot of people including us are very excited not only because its a Kat/NiNi collab, but because this will be the first song we have heard from NiNi in a month and a half which everyone is looking forward to, But being that those PSR people are so secretive with pretty much everything now, we have no choice but to just wait until it releases and according to KAT it will be soon. In other news, another PSR favorite Cymphonique made announcements today as well, she announced over Facebook that she is now preparing for her 2nd world tour which will stretch overseas and at least 41 US states. She said its starting on April 1st and it will last for an entire year until April 1st 2015, she announced  that tickets for the tour which she is calling "The DUI tour" which stands for Dope Unified and Intelligent is on sale now and she will be starting overseas first before she comes to America later this year. Click here to check if your area's tickets are available yet! She also mentioned she is dropping her 4th PSR album which has everyone very excited, after all a royal  artists album gets the crowd pumped, and hers is no exception, every album Cymphonique has ever dropped has blown up and this will be no different we just know it. The album title is called "The Story Of My Life" awesome title and she says she is working to release it no later then April 15th very exciting news right I know. Click here for more details about all the new adventures Cymphonique is doing at the moment! In other news when isn't it drama with K.Michelle, K Michelle reminds you of KC or Ri Ri or NiNi being the fact that shes always in drama day and night and this time she is a scandal with NiNi. Yup NiNi. Sources say that she A67'd NiNi's paperwork which for all you who don't know it means that she misplaced some very important stuff and NiNi cant go to meetings or even perform without those papers, some sources say she did it on purpose but no one including us think she did come on guys why would you think she would do it on purpose. Not only that though, sources also say that she invited NiNi's husband to her house to quote "Have a real good time" They say her husband is said to have turned it down, but NiNi is still upset regardless and Miss K is in serious danger of being terminated from PSR. None of this info is confirmed so for now its in rumor status, but that's only the first part of her drama, and the second part involves her and Bow Wow. We all know that Bow Wow has a baby daughter and we all though that we knew who it was by but its now being said that K. Michelle is the mommy and she said that herself over Twitter *Please note the Twitter post is still not actually confirmed to be hers" That's all the info we have on it, we will keep dogging and let you guys know!


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that kmichelle shit is fake I just know It is

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no u really don't kno anything