Thursday, March 20, 2014

Doctor Says NiNi Should be Out The Hopsital In A Couple Of Days!

Great news for all Nini fans, the doctor who has been treating the queen for the last 3 weeks, has said that he expects NiNi to be able to leave the hospital in the next couple of days. he says that she still needs rest and medication but he says that all her broken bones are healed and her brain heart and other internal organs are perfect at this point and he said she is at at least 98% recovered and the other 2% will be made up with personal bed rest. He also said that NiNi wants to go home and they will be releasing her soon, so its great news, mainly because the queen is doing way better to the point she can go home which is what we all have been waiting to hear, and second even though she may still need to rest when she gets home for a couple of days, she will be out and she will be back to work soon. Click here to check out the full statement from the doctor on NiNi's condition! In other news, the queen missed the Hip Hop Awards, but she was still nominated for 27 awards including best album best song and best video for 'Make Me Wet" she won All 27 awards that she was nominated for, and they were accepted on her behalf by NiNi's other girl buddy Gabrielle Union. Even though she wasn't there, she took home the most awards of the night and she was the most nominated out of everyone that was in attendance, That's why she is the queen! Click here to check out all her winning moments!

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