Tuesday, March 25, 2014

NiNi Posts Her Acheivements By Photo To Instagram + Fires Her Assistant

The lovely obsessive world of the photo website called 'Instagram" is home to a few obsessed people but mostly NiNi and today she posted a lovely little photo of her gold records hanging on the wall, her award trophies and her plaques for movies dance and many other accomplishments as well as pictures of her hanging on the wall of the biggest people she has been around like the president and his wife for his example. The headline says "Dang, 98 trophies, 18 gold records, 16 platinum records, 65 plaques, 8 notaries,  damn I work too much lol" That picture attracted much attention as we really see exactly how much NiNi really does put in. She has a room In her beautiful house called "The Award Room" and that is where all of this stuff is at, and its not cluttered but its so many awards and trophies and such in this room it looks like you couldn't even move around much in there. She also posted a few other pictures of her home: The pool in her house and in the backyard, her closet full of NiNi wardrobe and Platinum Wear items, and her very large collection of shoes which ranges from Balenciaga to Dior to Nike's to Jordan's fancy heels and many others. She shows her gigantic 67 inch flat screen TV her PS4 and XBOX one as well as her cute little doggy sleeping on a LA-Z Boy couch which has at least 30,000 likes and her personal in home studio which looks better then some of the studios inside of record labels, which she revealed a lot of the songs from her album "24" Were recorded right in that studio in  her house. This isn't the first time we have seen her lovely house, its just the first time we have saw much more of it, and its a really nice house, it looks like the president or a royal person lives there ( A real royal person we mean like a real King or Queen) And of course she showed her humongous bedroom with flower covers with the caption of "This is where the magic happens, that's all I'm gonna say" All together NiNi posted 28 pictures within 1 hour bringing her total amount of pictures up to around 3 million since 2012, yeah the queen loves to show off over Instagram. Click here to check out the new pics on her Instagram. In other news, NiNi has fired her personal assistant Jessica Riley who has been her assistant since 2010 and she even moved from Los Angeles to Chicago and ATL to dedicate herself to NiNi as much as she can. But lately the to have been having problems, mainly communication problems, but this isn't new this has been going on for at least the last 8 months. The two hardly talk anymore and sometimes Jessica who goes by the name of Jesse, has not been doing her job very well and even a few months ago she told a paparazzi camera that she feels like she doesn't communicate or get to talk with NiNi as much as she should and its becoming a struggle because NiNi keeps blowing her off and not giving her the information she needs to do her job and she felt she needed to quit, but she didn't at that  time, but today, NiNi let her go, but the two didn't end on a bad note, NiNi actually put the blame on herself saying that she doesn't think its fair to Jesse so she allowed her to go. Jesse also spoke and said that she wishes NiNi the best and no matter what she will always be there for her" Jesse is the one who was responsible for booking her shows, getting her booked on Radio stations, and getting her booked at many other places, and everywhere you saw NiNi you saw Jesse,  and she has become a big name in Hollywood for her connection with NiNi, and with big connections and a very good resume like hers we are sure she will get another assistant job really soon.  NiNi is not currently looking for a new assistant at the moment.

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