Thursday, March 20, 2014

Jhene Aiko And Her Best Friend Monica Spears Not Friends Anymore!

We all know that Jhene Aiko and Monica Spears are best of friends they were so close that they actually drank and ate off each other, but now that's all changing. We don't know why yet but the two had a mega argument over Twitter today which was followed by over 70 million people. *Update* As usual its over a man, and that man is Jhene's baby Tyga, but not the normal, although Tyga is to blame. This is how it started. Tyga we all know is a mega male hoe, and he cant be faithful which is why many fans didn't give him and Jhene any chance at all of any success. But jhene isn't your typical woman. Tyga apparently approached Monica Spears and despite the fact that he is with her best friend Jhene,  his charm got to her and they had an affair. Jhene found out and the crazy thing is she didn't blame Monica she blamed Tyga and she said it was over, in fact she posted this statement on FB "Whatever, ill just have this baby and raise this baby myself just like my last baby its not like I'm not used to this shit, I got cheated on before and now I did again, Its my fault for trusting a man so much so whatever fuck men". So its seems as if Jhene was aware and wasn't blaming Monica, but Monica is the one who started it she approached her and told Jhene that Tyga doesn't want her anymore and she is with him now, and what makes it worse she told her that he only wanted pussy from her" Wow that's what a best friend will do and say huh smh? Anyway, Jhene still tried to be the bigger woman and say forget it I'm done with him so you can go and have him, but Monica had to run her mouth more which has fans saying that its not Tyga's or Jhene's fault its actually Monica's fault for instigating, so Monica is going through hell right now. Anyways, Jhene was trying to ignore it  but Monica turned on her own Bestie for nothing and she started it posting "Michael wants me,not you so deal with we are in love" Jhene replied "Bitch he told me he loved me too so if you believe all that nonsense you're just as stupid as he is" The argument continued for over 55 minutes with Jhene finally ending it and its said that Monica is now pregnant by Tyga. Immediately everyone began seriously attacking tyga calling him a cheater and an asshole that likes to see two besties fighting over him. Some people called him ugly as fuck an He doesn't deserve anyone. When the media tried to catch up with him to get his statement he refused big time. We feel bad for Jhene because it seems as if she really loved him and all he wanted was sex and no woman should have to go through that. Tyga is an asshole period yes I mean to offend him in the worst way and Jhene deserves much better and Monica will realize that he is a bastard soon. Be there for Jhene guys she really needs support right now. Stay tuned for more info soon!


johnny1 said...

smh all men are assholes im glaD IM LESBIAN

johnny1 said...

bitches can b assholes too so chill with that lesbian bs

johnny1 said...

exactly im sick of yall bitches saying that