Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Christina Aguilera And TYGA Dropped From PSR

Today sources revealed that two of PSR's biggest stars, Christina Aguilera and TYGA have been dropped from their contracts. The news came to the source early this morning and its said that it happened yesterday, but the source still has no word on why the two were dropped, especially since they both were doing beyond well, which means it must be a personal release rather then a business one. Miss Aguilera has released 2 albums in the 2 years that she has been with PSR both blew up, TYGA hasn't released one album in the 7 months that he's been there although he did release one very successful mixtape. Neither TYGA or Christina are commenting at the moment, but other sources tried to start false drama by saying that being that Monica Spears and Tyga are now an item, she is willing to leave too if he isn't there, but she quickly shot that down, posting this on FB "I ain't going nowhere, it sucks he got dropped but what does that mean for me that's what they made cell phones for" Speaking of that drama, Jhene Aiko who is pregnant by TYGA, Officially handed TYGA over to Monica Spears, she said that he isn't worth fighting over, but regardless she said that her pregnancy is a blessing from GOD and she wont get rid of it, she will find a man who will be willing to be dedicated to both her and her 2 children. Their friendship is officially over though. If we get more info on this we will  let you know. In other news, Selena, KC and Brandy did a collab today titled "Broken Dreams" its a nice song but it struggling to climb the charts and take any of the spots that matter. Its produced by Kanye and Solo. Click here to check out "Broken Dreams" By Selena Gomez Ft Brandy And KC!

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