Sunday, March 30, 2014

NiNi And Kat Collab Has A Due Date + China And NiNi Collab Does To0

When NiNi got out the hospital the first thing she did was hit up the lovely Kat and set up a collab, little did we know that wasn't the only thing, she also hit up the lovely China and set up a collab with her and today we found out when we can be expecting to hear those collabs. Kat announced over her website today  that the collab between herself and NiNi will be releasing on April 1St which is Tuesday and she also said its different then their many other collabs but she wont tell what she means by that so guess we have to see when the 1st hits. China also surprised everyone by posting that she and NiNi also have a collab together and she announced it will be released on March 31st which is tomorrow! Everyone is super excited to hear new music by the queen and we cant wait to hear both songs basically back to back. In other news, the cruise PSR party is now over obviously as  the PSR artists have been spotted all over the place which tells us if they are getting spotted they must not be on the ship anymore, but most of them look like death which we assume is because of the usual drinking and hash brownies that NiNi 's parties are so famous for. Check out Ri Ri and Miley Cyrus, they way they looked today you would never guess they are celebrities at all! Click here. We don't have any details on the party of course but we are sure they had a good time, that's all for now guys! *PS* Cymphonique is another one who looks like death but unlike the others she became angry when cameras approached her grabbing a coffee at a local cafĂ©, and she pulled a Kanye and smacked the camera out of the guys hand and it broke. He called the police on her and she has been ordered to pay for his camera which cost over 5,000 or go to jail for 30 days for assault, she paid for his camera and was released. Stay tuned for more info soon!

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