Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Last Show!

Yesterday was the most explosive show we have ever seen titled "The Last Show" which was Ninis welcome back/comeback show as well as the last show of the queens performing together before they both set out on their own solo tours. The show was in Burlington VA at the 2 step stadium and it was full of excitement. The stadium started letting in fans at around 7:15 and by 8:00, 238,000 heads were in attendance the most ever at one of their shows. At exactly 8:01 the fireworks went off and the fans cheered louder then they ever did, and when NiNi exploded out of the floor everyone stood up and cheered the loudest that they could, my ears are still damaged from how loud they got. Then another explosion went off and B exploded onto the scene and the crowd did an equal loud cheer. B took the Mic and screamed "Whats up Virginia! The crowd went loud B started to tear up as she thanked all of the fans and as we assume because it was the last time  they will be together and she said "I'm giving y'all an ugly cry Im sorry" NiNi gave her a hug and the crowd went wilder. NiNi then said "yeah its our last show its a lot of emotions flying around here myself included, I had so much fun with this woman, and she is like my best friend, I love her and I love you guys, and we are gonna put on the most amazing show for you guys tonight, we're gonna end with a huge bang!" The crowd went wild once again and that's when the fun began. I recorded everything for you guys from start to finish be advised its very loud so if you're using headphones you don't need to turn the volume all the way up.  The entire show lasted 3 hours and I have the entire 3  hours recorded for you along with some highlight pictures of the  night. You will see why this was the best comeback/last show of both queens careers. The last show has made headlines in almost every country in the world and its being called the greatest show in the world and even now people are still talking about it its all over Twitter FB and Instagram nonstop its a very big topic and we feel it should be. Now both queens will go their separate ways but we have a feeling that we will be seeing more of them. Click here to check out the mega dope explosive sexy show called "The Last Show!" In other news, that isn't the only show that was mind blowing, Saturday night NiNi hit up the Kids Choice Awards for Nickelodeon and she performed "Bubblegum" with China. The kids loved her and she got slimed which is the first time we ever saw NiNi get slimed and it was cool. NiNi also won an award along with China for best song which is their song "Bubblegum" Click here to check out her performance on the Nickelodeon KCA'S!

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