Saturday, March 22, 2014

NiNi Shows Her Face Today

The world has been waiting to see NiNi out and about and she came into work today but she didn't stay long. We imagine that she just wanted to check how things have been going with  the label over the last month. She was there for only about 36 minutes and when she exited she was happy and she actually granted a quick little interview with a local media camera crew. Check it out "Hey queen, Hi guys, how are you feeling? I'm fine actually I feel good to be honest. We really missed you, this industry is on standstill without you. Aww thank you, ain't that the truth though (Laughs) You still have a limp though huh? Yeah but it only hurts if I walk fast on it so I'm just taking it slow Good you look beautiful today thank you so much. YOU'RE WELCOME, Can I have a hug? of course  you can(Laughs) Do you have any plans (Actually I do, its a lot of work that I'm having just fly to me right now. Will you be back in the studio soon? Of course the studio is my life I cant stay away from that mic for too long. Did you miss the game and your artists, yeah actually I don't know why (laughs) but they all are showing me so much love and support and I really appreciate it and so are you guys. of course we love you. I love  you guys too. Thank you NiNi, good luck with everything enjoy your day. Thanks bye guys. This was about 8am this morning, so thankfully it wasn't anyone out so she didn't have millions of fans running up which you know would've  happened. So what exactly is NiNi planning, well sources say she is going to be doing a song with Kat and that's why she went in this morning to set that up and the last 2 songs they did together blew up bigger then any other collab. Not sure if that's true, but we are dying to hear a new song by the queen. Stay tuned for more info on the queen, shes back guys!


johnny1 said...

That girl is too cute

johnny1 said...

So good to see her back in front of that damn camera where she belongs

johnny1 said...

So good to hear ur voice queen