Friday, March 28, 2014

NiNi Said To Be At The 2014 Kids Choice Awards

The 2014 Kids Choice Awards are this Saturday at 8, the KCA which honors all the Nickelodeon artists who were voted for by kids who watch their shows, and although NiNi does not and never did have a Nickelodeon show she is still said to be at the awards based on the kids voting for her to be there and perform. Its said that NiNi accepted the invitation from the kids, but as you know  unlike a real award show the Kids Choice Awards come on the Nickelodeon channel and its nothing but kids and teens in the seats therefore NiNi can not do any songs from her new album, instead she can only do her song with China from 2012 called "bubblegum" which is the only song appropriate for the show. So for now it seems as if nini will be at the 2014 KCA. We'll let you know more soon!


johnny1 said...

good something 2 keep daughter occupied for 2 hours

johnny1 said...

lol ikr