Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Amanda Bynes Responds To Lindsay Lohan And Defends Nini

This evening, AMANDA BYNES has posted a response to Lindsay's earlier twitter rant saying "My Nickelodeon status has nothing to do with why I was let go, so please get the facts straight, and its funny how you speak on queens when your bestie calls herself a queen and you encourage that, Myself and most of the damn world would honestly refer to Nini as a queen before we do her, that's just real sweetie" Lindsay has not responded as of yet. Nini has also made a statement regarding her rant saying "She tried to cover up by not saying any names but its just common sense to who she was referring to, and she sounds so stupid she's talking about two different things and her whole little rant was totally irrelevant" Lindsay has not responded to her as yet of either. Lindsay's publicists has made a statement saying "It will be no beef or whatever you want to call it, we are making sure of that, she had an emotional year and we are trying to eliminate any more drama from her life at this point" He was referring to the fans saying that a new beef is beginning to pop off. Lindsay was unavailable for comment all day. Anyways, its off to Nini's show Ill let you guys know about it tomorrow! Peace~!


johnny1 said...

cat fight

johnny1 said...

amanda and lindsaay never liked each other anyway

johnny1 said...

whether they try to stop a beef or not if they wanna beef it will be a beef