Monday, August 27, 2012

Nini Set To Perform In Made In America!

Nini has signed on to the artists who will be performing at the "Made In America" festival by Jay-Z on September 1st in Philly. Other artists who are scheduled to perform there will be Meek Mill, Rick Ross, Estelle, Adele, Jay-Z, Rita Ora, Rihanna, Mya, Trina, Kelly Clarkson, KC and Usher and it will be from 1pm to 1am. Tickets are on sale now at for 25 dollars and that will last you all day and buys you free food and games. So if you haven't already, head over to the site and buy your tickets now for the BIGGEST day in music history! P.S PSR artist Kat is releasing her album tomorrow so be sure to grab that!


johnny1 said...

awesome i been hearing about that all month im def going!

johnny1 said...

hell yea thats gonna be a bomb ass day really fun!