Monday, August 13, 2012

Nini Posts Apology To Mona L + Set To Open Ball Game

Nini has posted an apology to Mona L on her Facebook page saying "I am not apologizing for what I said, I'm not taking back anything because I was dead serious, but I will apologize for embarrassing you and yelling at you in front of the media, I handled that unprofessionally and I was caught in the heat of the moment, just get your shit together mama, I love your music and I would hate to lose it :(" With Mona replying "I understand, I appreciate the apology so much, you have no idea how much that means to me, I will work harder and keep you proud of me :)" So, hugs and kisses and they have made up, but the fact still remains that the label is over 90 million dollars in the hole that Nini has to fix on her own. But her loyal artists have agreed to donate their paychecks for this week to help. So good luck PSR!! In other news, Nini is set to perform the national anthem "The Star Spangled Banner" tonight at 7pm at a Lakers game. She will not be staying though as she has her show immediately afterwards, but millions of people are expected to watch it. It will air at 7 on NBC so be sure to check that out. We do not have tickets though, but my buddy does and he will be letting me know how it all goes down, so check me back later for more info and for info on her show, which takes place in Greenwich Connecticut at 8pm at the Palisades Ballroon. Have Fun!!


johnny1 said...

cool its nice they made up i guess but mona really better be careful next time cuz i never seen nini that pissed

johnny1 said...

4sho she wanted to beat the lady ass big time

johnny1 said...

i cant wait for her show i been waiting for 2 years to finally see her perform