Friday, August 17, 2012

New Song Alert: Mindless Behavior Ft Nini!! + Nini's Documentary!

A New song has released today from Mindless Behavior Ft Nini titled "My It Girl" The song is 4 minutes and 35 seconds long and is basically about a special girl and each member of the group speak on a personal relationship with a girl. Nini speaks on a relationship but changes the "Girl" part to "Boy" similar to how Ciara did in "My Girl She Loves Me". All of the artists sing on the song and Nini has the best verse and singing of all. The song took the position of number 2 on the charts right behind "Cant See Me" and it was posted on the PSR site for 99 cents and so far has been downloaded over 65 million times within a hour and its blowing up, but its still trailing behind Nini's number 1 song "Cant See Me" Its a real good song and you can check it out by clicking here.....In other news, Nini's documentary that I told you guys about a little while ago is complete and will be airing on BET on August 19th at 8pm. The documentary traces her background and rise to fame as well as her obstacles she had to overcome and the pressures she faces on a daily basis by being boss and running a multi-million dollar label with multi-million dollar artists. Be sure to check that out on the 19th! Nini has a day off today so not much info to report but if I get anything else, I will let you guys know! P.S the guy who attempted to rob Nini has been named as Anthony Seres who is a 23 year old construction worker who has been in trouble almost all of his life and we are told that he is on his third strike and will probably be receiving life in prison......Sweet Karma!

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