Thursday, December 3, 2015

Zoeys Comeback Called Pathetic + Next Up

NiNi has done two diss songs to London singer Zoey who she has been beefing with for over a year, and today Zoey released her comeback diss appropriately titled "The Comeback" and fans say its pathetic and disappointing and even laughable. NiNi has been murdering Zoey and her two diss songs buried her twice and many people in the US and London report that NiNi has destroyed her career and her attempt to make a comeback with this diss track just made her lose even more as many say it sucked. Once again it is an obvious reply to NiNi's newest diss song titled "Where U At" In the song, she goes after the queen's label, her position in the game and her body saying she has ass and tit shots as she wasnt as big as she is last year. She also goes after the huge impact she has on the entertainment industry and all her accomplishments saying she doesn't deserve all the power she has and any one of her artists in the NHO category or not are the ones who deserve it over her. She goes in but she obviously just doesn't go hard enough to outshine NiNi's 2 diss tracks. Those two songs are being called the songs that ended Zoey's career and it seems like its true. Click here to listen to "The Comeback' by Zoey. In other news, next up in the #DecemberReleases is Ke$ha. This is her 6th PSR album titled "Still Famous'" Its doing very well and she is now in first place. First day sales are the highest she's ever seen. Click here to get my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Still Famous" by Ke$ha.

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