Wednesday, December 23, 2015

#TinasheVsMiley Update

Here's more info on the #TinasheVsMiley battle. According to their sites the battle will happen tomorrow at 1pm and will be aired live on TV. Since both are in NY right now they'll be at the Madison Square Garden and they each have to sing two of their best songs and afterwards, the fans vote on who's the better singer. The event will last 2 hours and is free to all. Even though they both confirmed it's not a beef,  miss T did say she didn't appreciate Miley's comment at all and she wants to put her in her place. Miley commented that she didn't mean it as bad as it came out and she has plenty of respect for T and what she does but she won't be backing out but she confirmed it's no beef. So for all you drama seekers out there it's no beef just a friendly challenge. Make sure to tune in tomorrow or hit the garden at 1pm to see an epic battle.

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