Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Beef With Zoey Goes On Wax

NiNi has been beefing with London singer Zoey for the longest but they never exchanged diss songs to each other until today.......actually until last week when NiNi released her first diss titled "Come On" Now this new song titled "Where You At" is mocking her for not responding and has a line that is quickly getting famous when NiNi raps "Im having hella fun, you still aint did shit about the other one" (referencing her first diss song that Zoey didn't respond to) Fans feel NiNi killed her career with both these diss songs and being that she isnt responding people are already declaring the queen the winner. Click here to check out the diss songs and all the chaos about #NiNiVsZoey and stay tuned....

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