Monday, December 14, 2015

Zoey Announces She Will Seduce Beith, NiNi Is Silent

The bloody war continues with NiNi and London singer Zoey and now she's bringing the Queens husband into it. She made a statement today saying she thinks NiNi's husband is gorgeous and "she'll seduce him and have him all to herself soon". She also mentioned "He can't be happy with her he needs a real woman" and mentioned she visited him a couple days ago,  but didn't mention what happened.  NiNi, who usually responds to everything is strangely silent which is having fans believe she may not mind if Zoey seduces Beith which will mean trouble in paradise for the hip hop power couple.  NiNi is still unavailable for comment.  Click here to hear audio of Zoeys full 9 minute statement.

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