Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Demi Finally Adds Herself To The Nude List + New Music

Pretty much everyone has gone nude at least once, whether it's for a photo shoot or a good cause. From Keri Hilson to CiCi to even NiNi but one person who hasn't was Demi, until today. She bared all in a new photo shoot which supports not killing animals for their fur (example: minks leopard, lion skin etc) It's tons of shots and you can view them all here. Demi, who was once bulimic and very ashamed of her body, says she's proud of her body and she's proud of the photo shoot. She doesn't regret it and once her fans got past looking at the. .......obvious.........they too agree that it's a nice set of photos and for a great cause.  Once again you can find the entire set of photos from the shoot here. Speaking of her, we also got some new music from her.  A new song Ft Brandy released today titled "The Way We Do" It's pretty cool and doing well around the industry.  Doing well on the charts too on the hot 100 chart at number 2. Click here to check out "The Way We Do" by Demi ft Brandy.

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