Thursday, December 24, 2015

And The Winner Is:

*Drumroll* Even though the #TinasheVsMiley battle only started a couple days ago, it's gotten tons of buzz and attention, so fans flocked to Madison Square Garden to see them go head to head to see who fans would vote best singer. Each had 2 songs each to sing before the crowd voted, and Tinashe started with her still very famous hit "2 On" Miley went next and started with her still very famous hit "Wrecking Ball". Both got very high applause for their first songs. Then Tinashe  started her second song and she pulled a great strategy. She did a song that is not known because it's one of her new songs and even Miley looked nervous because she knew she was putting out a new song unannounced and fans love new music and the crowd went wild for her new song. The new song is called "On My Last"  After she finished it the crowd started chanting "Miley Give Up" over and over, but she didn't,  she decided to bring back one of her classics "Party In The USA" After she finished the fans were asked to vote using a touch pad tablet. And after 29 minutes, Tinashe won by 33% which is roughly about 7500 of the 15000 fans that were there. Tinashe also won Miley's respect forever as part of the deal and Miley made a statement after T won saying "I have no issues or problems with Tinashe she proved herself today, I love the entire PSR crew they're all so talented. Good job to you ma I mean that" and then the two hugged proving it's mo beef.  Click here to view the entire battle. Camera's were allowed in so a fan caught all of it, the whole 2 hours.  Congrats to Miss T.

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