Tuesday, December 15, 2015

NiNi Responds To Zoeys Statement + Another Beef With Her + New Song With Ex-Enemy

Today is all info about the queen and 1st is: Popular London singer Zoey is after NiNi's husband but apparently,  NiNi isn't worried aa she admitted Zoey was right when she said she visited Beith but she said nothing happened and nothing will ever happen. She shamed her fans and people that were thinking she didn't care because she didn't respond and she quickly put them in their place. Click here to hear her audio statement.  In other news besides this beef with Zoey, looks like the queen has another beef and it's unexpected because it's Nina Justice which is Vic's blood sister and Vic is her artist.  This beef started as most all other beefs start........through social media. Nina tweeted: When a chick has a multi trillion dollar net worth and a label bigger than all other labels but you still working like a 9- 5 bullshit job getting minimum wage pay. What do you call that? " And she posted a pic of NiNi and Victoria implying that NiNi isn't paying Vic what she deserves. NiNi quickly responded tweeting "when you don't know how to stfu and getting up in shit thats not even close to your business.  What do you call that? And she posted a pic of Nina.  This is the first time we ever have seen a popular celeb get into a beef with a regular person . Nina continued her assault against the queen demanding Vic get what's owed to her and to be treated equally and stop focusing her attention to just her numbers and NiNi continued to fire back as well. Eventually Vic got in it and begged her sister to be quiet and she apologized constantly to the queen and insisted she doesn't feel the same way. Eventually the sister kept attacking her and NiNi tweeted "What happens when your dumb ass sister tries to fight your battles? #YOUGETDROPPED" Vic got furious at that point since she knew she was in danger of getting dropped and she tweeted her sis a very long tweet explaining how if she gets her dropped she will never forgive her.  After that the sister signed off and didn't post anymore.  But looks like a new beef is going down. Click here to view the Twitter war between the queen and Vic's sis. Also the queen released a surprise song titled "Down" which features her ex enemy Tay. It's a really dope song and is number 1 on the charts getting great reviews and everyone loves those two together.  Click here to check out "Down" by NiNi Ft Tay.

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