Friday, December 4, 2015

Next Up: + Reggie And Ari Beef

Next up in the #DecemberReleases is Victoria.  Vic has found herself in the NHO category more than once as she wanted to pursue acting more than making music. But lately she got back in the music scene and she is all over.....reminds you of Ari who is rumored to be next by the way. Anyways this is her 4th PSR album titled "Making It" It is produced by herself, Solo and NiNi and she is in 2nd place and 1st day sales are impressive.  Click here to get my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Making It" by Vic.  In other news, Reggie adds herself to the #DecemberReleases as she tweeted she has her 5th album coming this month (yeah miss Nae Nae has been doing very well at PSR) but she also added herself to a long list of people who is beefing with Ari (who is her label mate) It's no secret that Ari has been voted "Most Hated Celebrity" due to her extremely dirty mouth and her recent outburst of saying 'I Hate America I hate Americans" after she failed to basically get catered to at a donut shop in LA.  Although she apologized constantly no one really forgive her and she made many enemies because of her mouth and now Reggie is one of them. They had a brief Twitter war earlier after Ari posted "wtf is this world coming to when you have the better off taking away from the poor. Even whales aren't that dam important then people that need help in so many ways" She received many likes from that tweet but one person who didn't like it is Reggie (who is taking donations to save endangered whales but not for the homeless or struggling that's how we all knew it was aimed at Reggie) Reggie responded posting "When your fragrance don't sell let's go after someone who never did or said shit out the way to you.  That's what's this world is coming to." An obvious sub reply to Ari.  Well Ari recognized that sub and the two began going back and forth and soon it became a Twitter war and fans joined in most of them on Reggie's side bashing Ari for being fake with one fan posting "You charging mtfs to take a pic with you and you got the nerve to knock somebody that's really trying to improve something? Bitch bye" other mean tweets like that soon followed and after all the negativity, Ari signed off with a kissy face symbol.  Looks like it's trouble in PSR......yet again.  Click here to see their brief Twitter war and the chaos it caused.

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