Wednesday, December 9, 2015

NiNi Goes IN On Reporter. + Celebs Weigh In On Growing #ZoeyNiNi Beef

Today NiNi was doing an intreview from her company limo about the growing beef between her and Zoey.  The first half of it went ok, but then the reporter lady asked what NiNi considered to be a "Stupid Ass Question" and she blew up on the reporter lady and she wound up kicking the lady out of her limo. It's trending on Twitter and Insta,  many Meme's have been created and the video is posted all over the Internet.  NiNi herself has been quiet on the incident but the reporter posted "About my interview with the queen earlier, she's very cool and laid back, she has a certain swag to her that I like and she's mega talented I love every song she puts out......but she has been known to overreact completely, and I was warned about that and I think that's what happened her. Still love her hope I can interview her again in the future" Usually the "N's" would've chewed her up and spit her out for a comment like that, but they all feel that what she said wasn't bad and she was showing her love throughout the whole tweet so she dodged a huge bullet. Click here to watch the interview and the moment went off and kicked her out. In other news, speaking of Zoey, their beef is getting very very big and it'd growing large and people are comparing it to serious bloody beefs like 2Pac and Biggie, Jay-Z and Nas or G-Unit and Murder Inc and many of NiNi's "Numbers" like Eminem and Niq for example and other celebs have been speaking on it. Click here to see the chaos going on with this bloody war which is being called #AmericaVsLondon.

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