Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Tinashe Challenges Miley To $1 Million Battle After Comments. New Beef?

We all heard Miley's comment a lil while ago. If you didnt lemme refresh your memory or hit you up on game: Earlier today Miley was doing an interview and was asked "Tinashe is currently the biggest upcoming star in the world do you feel threatened by her?" She replied "Tinashe is getting big I will admit that but let's not forget, my girl NiNi is bigger and I don't really feel threatened by her. I know I have good music I don't need to feel threatened by anyone, and in my opinion Tinashe is ok but she isn't really what you would call the best singer just being honest" Tinashe who is known for calling out people who come at her didn't respond negative, instead she suggested a battle. She tweeted "Miley what's good ma? How about a singing battle? Winner pays a milli?" Miley hasn't responded to her yet but it's getting big and it's trending on Twitter. So is it a beef?  Usually with Miley people expect her wild behavior because. ...let's face it.....it's Miley so it might not be but then again it might be. One thing for sure is that miss T is determined to prove her talent and what better way to do that then going up against another huge name like Miley. Should be exciting if Miley accepts the challenge but will she? Stay tuned. *Update* Miley has accepted Tinashe's challenge and both let their fans know the details of it will be posted to their websites. Winner gets a milli.  Once again this should be interesting!  Check their sites throughout today to find out when it's gonna happen and more details on it. #TinasheVsMiley

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