Thursday, December 17, 2015

CiCi In Best Mood We've Ever Seen + Is It Splits For Ye And Kim?

CiCi is being extra extra nice lately and today she was all smiles and she went around throwing money on the streets of Atlanta for anyone to pick up.  She approached everyone giving hugs and kisses and taking selfies with them and she made everyone's day. The location that PSR is located in is a very poor area so she definitely gave the fans a very merry early Christmas. But it didn't stop there. She let fans ride in her private limo and once again she was all smiles. She literally was bouncing around dancing and laughing,  she reminded you of how the brokest person in the world would act if they just hit the 100 million dollar lottery. Her fans recorded the entire time and the video went viral within an hour. It's unknown exactly how much CiCi threw around but it's estimated to be around $20,000 and although that seems like alot it was so many fans there to catch that money falling from the sky that each probably only got $30, but in that neighborhood they're grateful for anything.  CiCi and her tremendous generosity earned her so many more fans at least 400,000 and her music sales went up over 52%. It's unknown why "the queen of dance" is being so nice but obviously her fans and random strangers don't mind. Even when paps who she always avkids like a sickness came up to her to gladly talked to them and hugged them and gave the dude a kiss on the cheek which is VERY unlike her dealing with the paps.  No one minds her new ways but one can't help but wonder exactly why she's so damn happy but hey keep it up mama. Click here to see the video of a very happy CiCi throwing money and gifts around earlier today in the streets of ATL.  In other news,  rumors are flying that just days after giving birth to their new baby boy Saint West, Kim and Ye are officially divorcing.  Neither one of them really talks to paps about personal stuff so they aren't returning requests for comments.  So in the mean time stay tuned for more info.

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